Travel Itinerary | Malaysia and Indonesia – 3 weeks

In August 2015 I picked up my backpack and embarked on a solo trip through Malaysia and Indonesia for 3 weeks. At the time, 3 weeks was all the vacation time I had. But even with only 3 weeks I managed to enjoy my time there to the fullest. I visited 2 new countries, discovered new sceneries, tasted new and delicious food and met amazing people along the way! Below you’ll find a 3 week travel itinerary through Malaysia and Indonesia, with a brief passage through Singapore. I hope it helps!


1| Singapore (1 night)

This travel itinerary starts in Singapore. I found a flight with a very interesting price from Lisbon, so I took the opportunity to stay for at least one night. I stayed on the riverside area of Boat Quay, at the 5footway.Inn Hostel, but you can take a look at more accommodation options here: Accommodation Singapore. Take the opportunity to visit the Gardens by the Bay, where you can also watch the Super Trees Show at night, go all the way up to the top of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and if you can, take a dive in its fenomenal infinity pool.

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary


2| Melacca (2 nights)

Melacca is located in Southern Malaysia and to these days, you can still see traces of the times when the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British occupied the area. The food is delicious and the neon tuk tuks are an attraction by itself. I got on a bus from Singapore to Melacca, after buying my ticket online through the website Bus Online Ticket. The trip took about 3 hours. The bus stops on the way, so that passengers can go through the necessary exit and entry procedures. I stayed at a very nice guesthouse with a fantastic price and an excellent location (5 minutes away from  the lively Jonker Street, where the Night Market takes place on the weekends), called Bala’s Place. For other accommodation options click here: Accommodation Melacca.

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary

3| Kuala Lumpur (2 nights)

The capital Kuala Lumpur, is a must go to destination on a travel itinerary through Malaysia. The famous Batu Caves, the Petrona Towers, the KL Tower and China Town are impossible to miss. I got on a bus in Melacca that took about 2 hours to get to Kuala Lumpur. You can buy the ticket online here: Bus Online Ticket. I stayed at the Paloma Inn Hotel, about a 5 minutes walk from China Town, but you can find more accommodation options here: Accommodation Kuala Lumpur. For more detailed info about Kuala Lumpur, check out this post:

Kuala Lumpur, Malásia | Guia e Dicas de Viagem

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary

4| Georgetown – Penang (2 nights)

Georgetown is a multicultural city, filled with art and culture. It’s located on the Penang Island in the North of Malaysia. The street art circuit is a great way to discover this city which resembles an open air museum. Don’t forget to visit the Kek Lok Si, Dhammikarama and Wat Chaya Mangakalaram Temples and try the famous Nasi Kandar culinary specialty! The bus trip form Kuala Lumpur to Penang takes about 4 hours and you can get your ticket online here: Bus Online Ticket. I stayed at Magpie Residence, in the mixed forms which, besides being dorms, offer a great deal of privacy and comfort. However, there are also private rooms, if you prefer. You can find more accommodation options in Georgetown here:  Accommodation in Georgetown.

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary


5| Yogyakarta – Island of Java (2 nights)

I really enjoyed Yogyakarta. A city filled with tradition, culture and art, with a very relaxed atmosphere. I flew with AirAsia from Penang to Yogyakarta (with a stop over in Johor Bahru) and stayed in a private room at Rumah Zen (which also has dorms). This is a very relaxed and at ease homestay (just like the city), where I got to meet really interesting people! You have other accommodation options here: Accommodation in Yogyakarta. And check out this post for more detailed info on Yogya:

Yogyakarta, Indonésia | Guia e Dicas de Viagem

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary

6| Ubud – Island of Bali (4 nights)

I stayed the most amount of time in Ubud because I decided to rent a motorbike and visit the surrounding areas such as Lake Batur, Sidemen and several temples. I loved Ubud and I would go back as often as I could, and it is definitely a not to miss destination in any travel itinerary through Indonesia. The flight from Yogyakarta to Ubud took 1h15 and I ended up staying in 2 different places: at the central Ode Hosteland in this little homestay in a typical balinese house that I found in an alley, while roaming through the streets in Ubud, called Anugrah Homestay (it’s not available online, however). You can find other accommodation options here: Accommodation in Ubud. For more detailed info on Ubud, check out this post:

Ubud, Bali | Guia e Dicas de Viagem

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary

7| Amed – Island of Bali (2 nights)

Amed was a last minute destination, it wasn’t in the plans, and that’s why I enjoyed it even more! This was where I did my first dive ever, next to a wracked North American ship from the II World War, and where I met amazing people. It’s a small village with a single main road and it’s important to rent a motorbike there. There’s not a lot to do in Amed apart from diving and snorkeling. I stayed at the Teman Teman Bungalows, by the beach. They’re not available online (I booked when I got there), but you can find other accommodation options here: Accommodation Amed. You have more info on Amed here:

Amed, Bali | Guia e Dicas de Viagem

Roteiro de viagem Malasia Indonesia / travel itinerary

And here is a small video of the 3 weeks I spent travelling through all these places!

I really do hope this travel itinerary through Malaysia and Indonesia ends up being useful for you. Hopefully it will be the push you needed to pick up your backpack and go. Safe travels! 🙂

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