July 31st, 2015: The beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I chose happiness instead of stability. Change instead of security. Some understand my decision, some think I should have thought about it better. I am absolutely sure I did the best thing I could have ever done at this stage in my life. I leave behind a 4 year corporate job and decide to reset my life while I still can!

And to begin this new chapter, I return to my solo travelling in Asia 🙂 This time I’ll be heading to Singapore, Malaysia and the island of Java in Indonesia. The trip begins on the 19th of August (in 2 weeks!!) and ends on the 8th of September. A lot of indecision about the destination and the duration of the trip. But Southeast Asia is my passion and 2 weeks would not be enough…

As for me, I promise more (almost) daily reports, many photos and some extra effort in trying to spread the word about the benefits of travelling.

See you soon!