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Whoever is used to travelling through Southeast Asia, will immediately notice that the prices in Myanmar are somehow higher than in the rest of countries of this part of the world, especially when it comes to accommodation prices. It’s important for you to keep in mind that the kind of room you get for, for example, $20 in Thailand will probably cost about twice as much in Myanmar. If you’re looking for accommodation in Yangon, in a central area, I suggest you search for places in the Downtown or Chinatown areas. The Downtown area is rich with restaurants and accommodation offers, and you can easily get to any other place in town. Chinatown is also very central and, as many other Chinatowns around the world, it’s very lively and filled with restaurants and street food stalls selling delicious food.

Below you’ll find one accommodation suggestion for each of these areas so you’ll have an idea of where to stay in Yangon. These are the hotels that I stayed in when I was there, and I recommend them without hesitating.

⇒ Myint Myat Guesthouse ⇐

Location: Downtown

Booking Score: 7.3 (good)

Prices: From $34 a €48 per night

Review: I got there at 4 am and they let me check in without charging any extra fee. Rooms are comfortable and clean, breakfast consists on toasts with butter or jam, rice or noodles, fruit juice, fruit and fried eggs, and you have it in this balcony with a great view over Yangon. The staff is really friendly. Good location.

LinkMyint Myat Guesthouse

⇒ Best Western Chinatown ⇐

Location: Chinatown

Booking Score: 8.2 (great)

Prices: From €65 to €150 per night

Review: I usually go for budget hotels, but this time I thought I deserved something special. And what a great choice. Best Western quality standards are hard to beat: super comfortable rooms, a large variety of amenities, wonderful breakfast, very thoughtful staff and great location.

Link: Best Western Chinatown

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