Female Travellers

Interviews to Female Travellers

One of the things I love to do when travelling is to meet people with different cultures, experiences and perspectives on life. And throughout my travels, I have met other fellow female travellers that have been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. I want to share this inspiration with you, so I challenged them to tell the stories behind their travels, here on the blog. Enjoy your reading and be inspired!


I met Dani in Java, Indonesia, in the middle of her 9 month travel through Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Europe and USA. I challenged her to talk a bit about her experience. Here is the entire conversation!

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My path crossed with Javi’s at a guesthouse in Java, Indonesia, when she was already ending her trip. She travelled alone for 1 year through New Zealand and Southeast Asia. She tells us all about it here!

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Katy embarked on an adventure with no return date. What started off as 3 months of volunteering in Timor is now almost a year on the “road”. What an amazing trip, and what an inspiration… She told me all about it here!

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I met Marjoleine at Hanoi’s airport in the middle of her 2,5 month solo travel through Southeast Asia. She had quit her job and decided to take some time off to get her ideas straight. She tells all about it here!

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